The History Making Future

12 03 2012

The history I learnt from books at school was mostly about power and control. The history of rulers: their victories, their champions, their empires. Those stories were taught to me as if they were the definitive reality: the measure against which the present is calibrated and the blueprints of the future designed. But much of what is written is no more than propaganda or marketing. The only history recorded with any accuracy is the history of history books. Real-lives remain undocumented. The ever-elusive moment has always just slipped away. That maybe why credence is given to the storytellers (including the historians, the politicians, the media and even the advertisers). Storytellers give a sense of permanence to the ever-vanishing moment and create a welcome illusion of reality – whatever that slippery fish might be.

I like what that great storyteller Douglas Adams had to say on the subject. ‘Reality,’ he wrote, ‘is frequently inaccurate’.




2 responses

12 03 2012
Hamish Lovat

Hey dude where does Uncle H find the full book? Good that you remind of of our former ways, the insights help my mind, clears the path… we know the truths… good to be reminded. P.s my bees are in good form (Its great helping apis mellifera do her thing)… hoping to get job at RHS wisley… Happy travelling!

21 05 2012

‘Reality,’ he wrote, ‘is frequently inaccurate’. – Love it 😉

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