Through Shared Eyes

2 12 2012

Coming up to the Mayan calendar alpha-omega point, the Solstice (winter here, summer in the southern hemisphere) or perhaps even the-end-of-the-world-as-we-know-it, I thought I’d post a few thoughts on the subject, framed within the context of the first time we ever took the Spiral Tribe sound system to a free festival – way back on the Summer Solstice of 1991.

Through Shared Eyes…

There’s something deeply life affirming about dancing out under the stars. I felt a sense of bearing witness; of sharing the eyes of my ancestors. Dancing together we connected sunset, across the night, to sunrise. A connection between people, place, memory and imagination. It’s a journey. A ride around the Earth – a spin around the Sun. And at that transitional point, just as the world passed through that pivotal moment of Solstice, an interesting thought occurred…

Earlier that day, finding Stonehenge ringed with razor wire and police road blocks, I’d been disappointed – dispirited – even angry. But we’d escaped arrest and, along with other scattered travellers, regrouped on a green drove about twenty miles away. We set up the sound system in amongst the trucks and trailers and within view of the bow-top wagon camp where tethered horses grazed.

Having been displaced by the authorities to find a haven on that ancient roadway, suddenly made its own kind of free-flowing sense. Stonehenge, it seemed to me, was built to lay claim to a geographical, astrological and spiritual territory. It’s a temple to the trickery of the priesthoods; the brutality of the military and the wealth of the ruling classes. Stonehenge? A monument to hierarchical power and control. Stonehenge? They could keep it. We’d escaped its ancient walls.



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2 12 2012
steve bubble

remember it well…. well, i say well… bit of it… plain clothes pigs chattin as we queued to get on to Longstock again, blaggin fags of us and threatening to search the truck…
In visible rory with 40 synths set up on his own in the centre of the thouroughfare… doubkedeckers… n Back to the Planet’s Guy, falling about cos the battery in his keyboard was really flat…wonky ska.. those were the days…

2 12 2012

Wicked! Very atmospheric and thought provoking….

2 12 2012

love this- no more monuments- ! A bank of clouds or stars or trees overhead, sunsets and sunrises, fingers crossed for good weather …

If its all over on the 21st, twas nice knowing ya 😉

3 12 2012
Ian Young AKA Orinoco

That was the Festival where I first met the Tribe. I couldn’t understand your pyramid set in the middle of the field, without any walls or canvas covering it, just the frames open to the elements. And then when it rained, strangely people gathered under it. I was freaked out. I just didn’t get it… but I wanted to!

Something shifted in me that weekend. I didn’t understand the 4/4 beats at that point, but I understood that there was a great many people really enjoying them. I didn’t relate to the ravers and their culture, but I figured they were having such a great time, that I owed it to myself to get to know more. So I decided I must find out more about the music and the Tribe.

Returning back to my London squat (a Bank in Peckham) I became a regular at the Green Rooms, learning more and more about techno music and how we were to change our generation by mixing the anarcho squatting / traveling community with the ever growing raving generation. My visions were born and our future was laid down before us.

When I got forcefully evicted from the Bank after a free punk party, which got seriously busted, I opened up the Library in Lewisham Way. Our paths were merged at this point.

Mark – thank you for being you and allowing me to be me. We did something that will surely stay with us the rest of our lives.

6 12 2012
Hamish Lovat

GOOD TIMES,lets do it again for a new generation of free thinkers.You are right about those stones, after all they represent the end of a journey and not the beginning… besides which the old magic stays in the woods

7 12 2012

The stonehenge has an exponential symbolic value to the establishment; precisely the reason why it is important to assert our ancient rights to gather there. This is why, for instance, they were set in concrete in the 1920s; there is an old prophecy that if the stones fall so will the english crown. Such a load of bollocks. Last time I was there I had a run in with a load of british nationalists who were picking on a black guy “you can’t be here our people built this” kind of crap! I can show you photos from the 50s when the local conservative party club gathered there at solstice. So, yeah for the spiral mission, I would agree; it’s one of those social vortices that can generate a lot of energy and also drain…and as you so poetically point out, you are always at the centre of your own spiral. Innit

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