On the Brink of Change

At that moment the internet revolution was still a few years away but already electronic dance music, fractal images and cyberpunk fiction, were prefiguring reality. We were standing on the brink of change. None of us knew what was about to happen but our internal antenna tingled with anticipation – as if the energy of events just ahead of us was causing ripples in the fabric of time.

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11 06 2011
jeff twenty three

cant wait to get the finished book in my mits ill just close myself in a room ignore everyone and read it from cover to cover ! great stuff fair play and you were the only one to do it. its good you took your time, put it all into context – wicked !

13 06 2011

Cheers Jeff – yeah, the context is important but I reckon all the issues are all still red-hot relevant today – maybe even more so…

11 09 2011

always was, still is and will be…
anarchynpeace[in the words of crass]

20 11 2011

yes totally agreed 20 years on the book !issues are still burning hot more than ever !
will be a great sync up with the next level sp23 tour next ! speak soon i hope xxx

11 06 2011

Looks like a fantastic read. Interesting subject, well written.Castlemorton was something, was it not. Well Done.

13 06 2011

Castlemorton certainly was something… one of those alpha-omega moments – or should I say, one of those alpha-omega weeks!

13 06 2011

Castlemorton was the ‘wave’ crashing onto shore…. we were just riding it before that. Then we picked ourselves up and dived straight back into the deep – and we’ve all been surfing ever since.

13 06 2011
Simon Fullerton

I agree. Very relevant. I don’t think Castlemorton was the crash of the wave, it was the beginning of the swell… Then all the water came together.

16 06 2011

Lookin forward to the book, read all the posts many thanks

16 06 2011

My first contact with the spiral tribe was in 93, it’s changed my life forever even if today i’m not into techno so much but i still feel the spirit through my blood, i’m still part of it and it will be like this for the rest of my life. Can’t wait to get that book and many many thanks for doing this… ^^

17 06 2011

Hi Daff, thanks for that. Yeah – you can’t kill the spirit!

17 06 2011

looking forward to read the book, sounds very interresting, i love world traveller adventure storys, first time black on white 😉 it´s going to be a bestseller 😉

24 06 2011

Mark you are right about the issues, they are getting more important now, the powers that be are working to enslave the planet through debt, they are still creating the tools and will soon learn how to weild them with even greater vengeance, glad I met u – u opened my mind. Dont be a slave.

13 07 2011

Really nice work Mark thank thee gotts our story won’t be told by tom wolfe or some other outsider!!!!! Those who’ve tried before never got close to what was really important. I think a lot of those who were and are still touched by that mad wave we ride will be recharged by your work!!!!!

13 07 2011

About time someone wrote down what happened in that era. It really was a special time, not just ‘cos we were all young.. strange that there’s been hardly any literature about it. I hope this opens the flood gates. well done.

21 11 2011
Euim Damasio

sado-internacional portugal 1997 (awsome)

21 11 2011

looking forward to it Mark, and I hope the next wave is a tsunami, or should I say the next wave will be a tsunami, I’m going to start a blog on network 23, I’ve got some ideas on an interactive road trip to the future, putting the words in place

21 11 2011

Yeh yeh. Never got the political side of the rave scene myself and I come from punk so I am open to political messgaes being entwined within music.

But for me raves were just a (great) party.

I mean sure it was expression of freedom but really it was just a diverse group young people taking drugs and dancing for a very long time. If it really was going to have some philosophical resonance then it would still be going today when the reality is that raves, like punk, are dead

I will sill read the book though.


27 07 2012

That’s not true anonymous , rave never died, it mutated ,,. just like the CJB never killed the free party / festi scene , it just mutated and survived , stronger than ever . . .

16 01 2012

Hi Mark, love ya work so far, getting goose bumps thinking about those parties. That time made me and shaped my perception and many of my friends.
Another recession, tories in power, meaningless foreign wars,
sounds like a recipe to make some fuckin noise.
I think more people are savvy to the reality of the trashing of our world
“Wake up”
See you somewhere

10 04 2012

I hope we dont have to wait 23 years (from c1993) to read this story.

Slavering for more…

rave not dead

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