The Oscillating Universe

31 05 2012

In the mid 80s I’d been living in a bedsit in Manchester; pumping coins into the gas meter to keep warm and scanning the dark skies via my radio dial. With a blank tape loaded, my finger hovered over the record button – ready to catch any proof that somewhere, out there, bouncing around the stratosphere, there must be at least one tune with a deep dance-groove and a big fat bass.

At that time, (with the exception of Dub) many of the electronic sounds in music were clinical – as if the early experiments were made in laboratories by people in white Nylon coats. Whatever they actually wore was neither here nor there but the fashion in electronic sounds was stark and spacey with a cold futuristic feel. Futuristic perhaps – but not the future I was searching for.

In 1987 and 88, when Acid House finally arrived (not by way of any licensed channel but by burbling illegally over the pirate airwaves) the sound was like nothing I – nor anyone else – had ever heard before. The wildly oscillating twisting frequencies opened up a whole new dimension. And not a metaphorical dimension. An actual other space.

[The tune most often credited as being the first Acid House record is Phuture’s 1987 release, Acid Tracks.]