It Begins

Maygrove Road, London, April 1990

Hubert, aka Scallywag, in a blue track suit with white stripes down the sleeves, was trampolining on the sofa. Mid-bounce his neat little dreadlocks weightlessly floated around his head like a dark halo. In between fits of giggling, he rapped his own irreverent lyrics over the top of the Acid House music that boomed from the home stereo. In amongst the chit-chat, music and Scallywag’s lyrical trampolining, I heard a muffled crash as a vase or plate painted with a cottage-garden-scene, gave up a little more of Debbie’s aunt’s ghost.

‘Home-sweet-home!’ said Debbie as she spontaneously transformed a shrug of helplessness into a hands-in-the-air dance move, her expression of resignation lighting up in rapture as the bass-beat of Alison Limerick’s Where love Lives took a hold of everyone in the room.

In the morning a sheet of  LSD blotters was being passed around. I noticed that printed on each tiny, perforated square of paper, there was a Celtic dragon. Fired by the paper’s chemical magic, the dragons appeared to swirl and writhe across the page. I declined the offer. For me there was another, more tempting, chemistry occurring in the room.


10 responses

11 06 2011

‘For me there was another, more tempting, chemistry occurring in the room.’ Brillliant

12 06 2011

i love this bit, not just because i’m in it (!) but because it really takes me back to that night of madness at Maygrove, hiding from my neighbour behind a bush in the garden, the tiny kitchen packed with the swaying bodies of my ecstatic friends etc etc, brilliant writing Mark, fair play! xxx

13 06 2011

Thanks Debz – so that’s where you disappeared to that night!

12 06 2011
Simon Fullerton

I want to read more. This will be quite a story.

13 06 2011

Cheers Simon – I’ll post small excerpts now and then…

12 06 2011

nice, …

16 06 2011

great read, nice one

17 06 2011

Cheers Rogue, your comments are really appreciated!

9 01 2012

you do have a simply delicious turn of phrase. really looking forward to reading your book. x

10 04 2012

What a tease! A great story still waiting to be thrown into the world. Personally I’m beying like a ravenous dog in anticipation…

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