By dawn the wood burner had died and any residual heat had evaporated through the thin, plastic walls of the caravan. The sub-zero chill pressed through the rugs and blankets heaped on my bed. Huddled under that heap, I was in a dilemma. Worse, I was in two dilemmas. One was immediate: should I brave the freezing temperatures and get up – or should I just curl into a tighter ball in the hope that I’d slip into a sleep so deep, I’d no longer feel the cold and hunger that gnawed my bones? The other dilemma, was less acute, more distant, but had an ominous gravity. Should I return to England to fight the multi-million pound court case being brought by Her Majesty’s government, against myself and my fellow conspirators, or, live my life in Europe, on-the-run?

(Berlin, November 1993)


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11 06 2011

One advantage of having a new born baby – heating privileges – think we had 2 Electric heaters and a coal burner on 24/7….. It was F-In Freezin that winter …..

13 06 2011

minus 23!

11 06 2011

A multiple million pound court case-what an opening to a story!!!!!

13 06 2011

Thanks Debbie. Yeah, four million quid – what a waste of resources. But then that’s what successive governments have been good at – wasting resources.

24 06 2011

Mark u trigger memories with this stuff. Bravo. I recall it was pretty f-ing cold in england as well…Witney was preparing his legal papers for court in the back of his truck while I drove us up the M1 and M6 in the snow. Just remember Zander outside in the morning cracking a thick layer of ice off the top of a bucket of water so he could have a shave. four million quid, what a f-ing total waste.

7 10 2011
Fred Bton

Feels like you subconsciously knew where you had to be

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